Packing Boxes

15 Expert Packing and Moving Tips

The big day is approaching and you are about to move to your new home. It is an exciting time, but it is sometimes difficult to know where to start, especially when it comes to packing. We know that it can be stressful, but you are in the right place. With over 28 years packing and moving experience we have some top tips for you when it comes to preparing to move house.

Firstly we are here to make it easier for you with our packing service. Headington Carriers come prepared with everything we need to get you ready to go. With both full and part house packs, we provide the boxes and our expert packing skills. All you need to do is separate anything you don’t want us to take for you, including any keys and important documents you may need during the process.

If however you are going to handle the packing yourself, we have collected 15 of our best packing and moving tips for you.

1. Start packing early. We can't emphasize enough how important it is to start packing as early as possible, as it's very easy to underestimate how long it will take. You ideally want to be finished the day before moving day so everything is ready to go, and you can just focus on the logistics of getting everything from one place to another.

2. Pack room by room. By keeping everything together, this will help us when it comes to unpacking the vans. It will also help you in the process, to stop from feeling overwhelmed tackling one room at a time is a good idea.

3. Use good quality boxes. By using good quality boxes there is no fear that your items will be damaged in the move. Collect a range of sizes for all eventualities. We can supply these for you.

4. Clearly label each box. By putting a clear label of which room and the items in the box will help the movers, and also yourself at the other end. When boxes are stacked it's impossible to see the top so make sure you label the side as well, trust us you will be thanking your past self.

5. Fill boxes to the top. This will protect the items inside, and will also stop them from tipping over or moving around while in transit. Fill in empty spaces between items with packing paper, bubble wrap or spare clothes and textiles.

6. Put the heaviest items in the smallest box. To save peoples backs it's important to reserve the heaviest items, such as books, for the smallest boxes.

7. Leave your clothes on the hanger. We provide wardrobe boxes on the move day, so will move all hanging clothes straight from your wardrobe in the boxes.

8. Use your linens and soft items as extra padding. These household linens can multitask as protection for more delicate items. Use dish towels to wrap knives, bed linen can protect a lamp, or be wrapped around picture frames before boxing them.

9. Use your pots as containers. The pots from the kitchen can be a great way to transport spices and small kitchen

10. Keep clothes in drawers. They can be wrapped and transported as they are to save on packing.

11. Take pictures. Taking pictures of boxes contents can help you to be organised and also help with finding items in the weeks following a move. We would also recommend taking a photo of the back of the TV to help with reattaching wires.

12. Prepare a mini cleaning kit. It’s great to have a small kit prepared so that you can do a final sweep of your old home before you go.

Moving day:

13. Have a cool bag ready. Fill it with snacks and drinks for the day itself. It’s very easy to lose energy when you are hungry or dehydrated, so have bottles of water and easy snacks ready to help you keep your strength up. Keep it

14. Have a plan for the kids/pets. A move can be a stressful day, so having a plan for young kids and pets to have a playdate with friends or family can help keep them safe and happy.

15. Make sure you know where the kettle is. Tea as we all know keeps moving men going. As one of the most important moving day tools, keep it within reach and all concerned will be thanking you.

Keeping your move as efficient and stress free as possible will help you to enjoy being in your new home, and be able to focus on settling in and making new memories.

If you are unsure, or you need any more advice on packing, please give Headington carriers a call and we will be more than pleased to help.