5 things not to forget when moving house

There are a lot of things to remember when you’re moving house. From packing to arranging pet sitters and the final deep clean. It can be easy to let things slip your mind but this can result in more stress on the other end of your move. 

At Headington Carriers, we have plenty of experience helping families move and have compiled a list of 5 things you should make a note of. Write them down, stick them on your fridge, tell your partner and get them to hold you accountable until they are done. You will thank us – we promise. 

So let’s get stuck in with the 5 things you shouldn’t forget to do when you move house. 

1. Cancel council tax 

Making sure you avoid any unnecessary costs is important when moving house, so number one on your list should be changing your council tax information. This means there will be no mix-ups later and ensure you will be charged with only one council tax charge at the correct rate. It is legally your responsibility to inform the council as this won’t be done automatically. 

So, how can you change council tax when you move house? Depending on your area, most councils now have a form on their website for you to fill in. You will need this information: 

  • The dates of the move and when you will be completing on your new home or starting the tenancy agreement.
  • The names of the new tenants/owners of your property. 
  • Address and postcode of your new home. 

If you are not moving far your new home will likely be under the same council and the process is simple, but you still need to notify them of your move. If you are going further afield then you will need to identify the new borough that your home is under. Let your council know as soon as everything is signed and you won’t be caught out later with any nasty surprises.  

2. Change address 

Make a list of everything that has your current address on it, this could be your bank account, your memberships, subscriptions, store cards, and TV license. You should be able to change most of them online, and if not give them a call to inform them, of your address change. 

One really helpful thing to do is to get the Royal Mail to redirect your post. This can give you peace of mind that if you missed any when you were working through your list, they will be redirected and you can sort them out later. You can do this for three months, six months, and a year. The process is easy through the Royal Mail website, see the post-redirection service here. Fill in the form and then you don’t have to worry about missing anything important. 

3. Make a note of meter readings 

Contacting energy suppliers is usually one of the first things that you do when you are moving. But it can be easy in all the excitement to forget to make a note of the meter reading before you leave your house for the last time. This can make it difficult if you get charged for facilities that you didn’t use. So make sure to make a note to send to your supplier so that they have an accurate reading, also give them your forwarding address so that they can send you the final bill.

If you have a smart meter make sure that it is in ‘Smart Mode”. This means that it will send automatic readings to your supplier. If it is not in smart mode then you will need to make a record manually and send it to them. You can check if your smart meter is in smart mode here

4. Pets microchip

Updating your pet’s information can be a detail you put off, but it’s a good idea to change their microchip as soon as possible. Pets can get lost in new environments easily and if their information is not up to date it can take longer to be reunited. 

You can change the details by contacting the database that your pet is registered with. If you are not sure what this is, your vet should have the information and can help. Get new tags too and that way your pet will be safe and secure in your new home. 

5. Double-check your memberships 

From your gym membership to your subscriptions, it’s always worth checking to see if you want to continue memberships in your new destination. As they often are direct debits that will come automatically out of your account, cancel any that you don’t want to continue before you move. 

So to recap, during your move make sure you don’t forget to do these five things:

  1. Change your council tax 
  2. Change your address 
  3. Make a note of meter readings 
  4. Update microchips 
  5. Cancel and update memberships 

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