Car Storage

Car Storage Oxford

Is your garage full and need extra space to store your car, Maybe your garage just isn’t cutting it anymore?

Car storage Oxford with Headington Carriers

Container car storage is a great affordable solution because of their size and their resistant shell. They are the perfect permanent car storage  solution. The steel  containers provide protection against theft, vandalism, wind, rain, and all outside elements. A  Moisture control system can be provided along with a specialist car cover. This system is great for storing your prize possession  or weekend car.

Car Storage Oxford

Car Storage Oxford Container size

20ft container – is about size of one and half parking spaces, the space inside a 20ft container is almost 8ft wide, 8ft tall with an internal length of 19ft.This space can easily provide enough room for 1 car + room to spare.

40ft container –  is the same as a 20ft unit in height and width and is roughly 39ft in internal length, this  will provide room to store 2/3 cars depending on size of the vehicles..

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