Packing and Removals

Important Tips For Moving Offices

We all know that moving house can be stressful, so how about when you have to move offices? It can be just as involved and there is more to think about in some ways, with employees, various furniture and equipment. With a big office, it can seem like a never-ending fight.

So how can you ensure that your move is not a major cause of stress? How can you manage all of the different areas? Check out our top tips for moving offices. 

Have a plan 

Big moves like this can be complicated, and as there can be a lot of moving parts it’s really important to get planning as soon as possible. Think about the time that is needed to organise and action the move, and also the budget you have to achieve it. Write it all out and then involve others in the decision-making process. It helps to not all be the responsibility of one person, so share the load, and swap ideas on how to ensure it is a frictionless transition. 

Assign responsibility 

When you have a plan make sure to assign different people with their own actions they need to take before and during the move. This could be giving all your employees the job to clear and pack a certain area of the office, or for all to take responsibility for their own desk and part of the office. Give everyone regular reminders of the time frame, and encourage them to do it gradually. No one wants to be the person throwing staplers into a box in a panic on moving day. 

Have good communication 

Talking to the whole team throughout the process helps to have everyone on the same page. This becomes even more important the bigger your team is. A move can feel unsettling and having good communication goes far to easing people into the idea and new space. Regular reminder emails throughout the process can ensure everyone is organized and will be ready to start in their new work environment as soon as they arrive. 

Make IT a priority 

When moving offices, one of the most complicated things is the amount of IT equipment and data to deal with. If you have an IT department ensure they create and share a plan to manage transferring all of the office tech equipment. Ask them to include the phone and data plan you are using as well as actual machines like computers, printers and phones. While most data systems are on the cloud now, if you still have paper records this may be the time to have a clear-out and dispose of any that you have been holding onto for no reason. You may want to hire a disposal company to deal with this for you, but if not make sure you are complying with the most up-to-date data protection laws. 

Measure twice 

There are few things more annoying than thinking you have space for something and then realise that no squeezing will make it fit. In your plan include measurements of the big pieces you are taking with you and double-check it will fit into the new space. This will save time and energy that you would waste moving in that massive photocopier and realizing it’s just not going to work with everything else in the office. If you do need to think about getting rid of tech equipment or electronics, think about recycling. Pure Planet Recycling in Oxfordshire collects computer equipment for recycling and guarantees all waste electrical equipment is disassembled using environmentally friendly methods. They  encourage the reuse of equipment wherever possible and can help businesses by liaising with registered charities that can benefit from the equipment.

Contact a moving company 

It’s a good idea to get a moving company to facilitate a smooth transition. Whether your office is relocating or moving internally, here at Headington Carriers we have the manpower and resources to fulfil your requirements. Through thorough planning, we can ensure that your move is carried out with minimal disturbance to your business activities. We provide the support and expertise you need to ensure an easy and stress free move. 

Change address 

The last thing to do on your list is to make sure you let all of your suppliers and customers know you are moving, what your new company address is and when you will be settled into your new work home. It is also important to update your online presence, so this will be your social media, and also Google so that your details are accurate for someone wanting to find your business.  

While there can be a lot to think about when it comes to an office move, with time to plan and being organised it can go smoothly. If you would like to get some more information on how we can help you with your office move please contact us on: 

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