Children playing while moving house

10 ways to keep your kids entertained during a move

Moving house can involve a lot of thinking and preparation beforehand. Have you picked up packing boxes? Have you hired a removal company to help you with the process? Have you sorted out the cats’ travel sickness medication? What about the kids? Who is going to help you look after them on moving day?

Often the actual logistics of travelling and moving to your new home can be a bit forgotten. Making sure you have some entertainment for your kids on the journey may be the last thing you have on your mind but could be the difference between a comfortable journey and a nightmare one.

Not to worry though, we have collated some of the best entertainment tips to help keep your kids entertained before, during and after you move.

Before the move

  • Decorate boxes

If you are right in the middle of moving and need a bit of time to concentrate, then get the kids to decorate the moving boxes with pictures. Get them drawing plates and cutlery on the kitchen boxes, and a bed on the bedroom boxes. This can serve a dual purpose. It keeps your kids entertained and also will help you to see what boxes need to go where in the new house.

  • Write and decorate cards for neighbours/ teachers

Moving can be an emotional time for the whole family, especially when it comes to the formative relationships that your children have made. Honouring this and also having a good activity for your kids to keep busy while you are sorting other things out is a win-win situation.

During the move

  • New books / Comics/ Picture books

Treating them to some new comics or magazines can be exciting and help the kids to feel good despite the craziness going on around them. See if their favourite TV show has an associated magazine or comic and they will often include activities that can entertain them.

  • An activity bag each

Having a treat to open on moving day can be super exciting for the kids. Include a few lightweight activities, like crayons, a colouring book, a sticker book, any small games, or books as mentioned. If you have more than one child, having different bags and activities that they can share can give them hours of fun in the car.

  • I-spy bingo activity

Create an i-spy bingo activity so that they can keep an eye on their surroundings as they travel. You could use pictures or words depending on their age and even get them involved in the creation of the activity, brainstorming things together that they can look out for.

  • Audiobooks

For the slightly older kids, having a fun audiobook to listen to together can be fun. A long car journey can seem much shorter when you have a story and can give you all something to talk about later.

  • Fun play food

Bring some snacks that can double as fun activities, like cereal on a string, or snack bars that can be used as building blocks. Dry food is preferable if you want to keep your car clean. It could also be worth investing in a travel tray if you have a longer journey, like this Lenbest one on Amazon. That way snack time can be contained and not end up all over your car.

  • Singalong

Carpool karaoke is a stress relief for all involved. Who can be sad or stressed singing along at the top of their lungs to Disney songs?! Don’t be shy and get involved, your kids will thank you for it and have happy memories at the end of the journey.

After the move

  • Create a scavenger hunt around the new house

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt. If you have a little time when you get into the new place before the rest of the family wakes up then set up a scavenger hunt for the kids to work round while you are unpacking. It can give you some needed alone time to get stuff done, and also would help the children to explore and get excited about the new home.

  • Box fort building competition

When you have some boxes unpacked, get them to have a box fort competition. Set them up in the garden if you have one and the weather is good, that way you have more space inside to find homes for all of your things.

Having fun activities for your kids to keep them entertained may take a bit of forethought but will take some of the stress away on the day. If you would like some more help with your move please get in touch with us here at Headington Carriers. From packing materials to movers and vans we have everything you need for a smooth move. Get in contact with us today and we will be happy to discuss any questions you have.