Packing Guide

Welcome to your Headington carriers packing guide.

This guide is a basic induction to the packing up off your home, If you have opted for us to provide the packing service we will turn up with all the necessary materials, all we ask from you is to clearly separate any items you do not wish us to pack. Gather up all keys, important documents, and any other items you may need between properties.

Self pack instructions

1. Start packing early. We can’t emphasis enough how important it is to start packing early as possible, you can never anticipate how long it will take. Pack as much as you can ahead of moving day, leaving just the essentials for move day. Up on our arrival we do expect you to be fully packed ready for loading of your goods.

2. Pack room by room and label. When self packing, clearly label each box with content details and the room to which it belongs. This will make things easier when you’re unpacking in your new home, and help Headington carriers in knowing which boxes to put in which rooms on delivery.

3. Building up your boxes. Correctly erecting and using the correct quality boxes will insure your goods travel in the safest form possible, on reading this guide you should have been provided with BAR approved boxes. These Boxes have been designed and tested for our industry

4. To build your boxes. Your boxes will arrive in flat pack form, choose from the three sizes you have been provided. (This is relevant to what goods you are packing, see packing notes) locate the bottom of the flat pack box from the arrows or the correct way up of the writing. Open the cardboard outwards creating a square. Pull the opposite flaps toward each other. Insuring any smaller flaps are folded first. Tape from one side to the other creating a crisscross effect from all four sides. This will ensure a solid base. For the top once filled, all you need is one strip across the middle to join. (Don’t forget to label)

5. What to pack in each of your box sizes. Below is a list of items on what to pack into your various size boxes .A general rule of thumb is to pack items that heavy into the smaller boxes. Do not fill the large or extra large boxes with books, CD’s, DVD’s Or your removal men won’t be able to lift them

Small box Books, DVDs, CDs, magazines ,tined food , bottles of alcohol
Medium box Glass, china ,toys ,clothes, linen, game consoles, DVD player
Extra large box Linen, clothes, bedding , curtains
Wardrobe box These will turn up on the day of the move to hang any hanging clothes

Packing tips

When packing china and glass, to start any box off, pad the bottom out with an even layer of padding, wrap each item individually, ensuring items are stood on their ends, (all china / glass / ornaments should stand on their strongest point) always pack the glass at the top of the box, or be careful not to pack anything heavy on top.

Pad out space within a carton with crushed paper/ filling to ensure there is no movement within the carton during the move.

When packing most other household items, insure the boxes are always full to the top, books are packed in tightly, and anything you’re not sure of give plenty of protection.

Remember not to pack (the kettle) tea is essential to a removal man’s survival. Items in drawers, of furniture that are moving, i.e. chest of drawers, do not empty we will carry these pieces of furniture full and will save you on packing.

What not to Pack

Your surveyor should have mentioned when walking around your home on the items we are unable to carry, this is just a reminder. Any fuels, flammables, hazardous goods, livestock, are prohibited in our care.

If unsure, or you need any more advice on packing, give Headington carriers a call and we will be more than pleased to help.