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What Accreditations Should You Look For In A Removal Company?

You are searching for a removal company to help you with your move and you want to make the right choice. We understand it’s a big thing to trust a company to look after all your worldly belongings and move them from one place to another. Moving also can be very stressful, and you don’t want your removal company to be one of the things adding to that stress.

So what can you do? One thing we recommend is to look for a remover with accreditations. Now, this is not a legal requirement for your movers to have, but it really does help to give peace of mind that you are getting the highest standard of service with your move. We are going to look at some accreditations you should look for in your removal company.

British Association of Removers

Choosing a removal company belonging to the BAR gives peace of mind, and guarantees a reputable professional and safe mover. To become a member of the BAR each company has to prove that they meet a high standard. There are set criteria to join and a strict code of practice to follow. All of the members are audited annually and must meet the Membership criteria and adhere to their Code or face having their membership terminated. They also offer a payment protection program and independent dispute process:

● Advanced Payment Guarantee

When you move home, it is standard practice to pay your removal company in advance. You would obviously be concerned if your chosen remover had any financial problems before your moving date that meant they couldn’t fulfil their obligation to you. You would have lost any payment made and so for that reason, BAR members provide an Advanced Payment Guarantee to their customers. All BAR members are financially vetted and provide the safety net of an APG scheme.

● Furniture and home improvement ombudsman

They are an independent, not-for-profit, government-approved organisation set up to help resolve problems independently. They offer Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) training and advice, helping both sides reach a fair and reasonable outcome, which is binding to BAR members. If you have any problems with your company you can contact them and they can look at the complaint independently.

Online review site

Being part of an online review page means transparency as you can see a company’s track record and up to date reviews. Always check your removal company before going with them, as this will help you vet them and make a considered choice. A site like Reference Line is a great one to check as it has a relationship with trading standards, and shows information related to good practice. Look for consistency in the reviews which is a sign of a reputable company.

What are the dangers of going with a non-accredited company?

We would always recommend choosing an accredited company for all the benefits mentioned above. Despite best efforts, sometimes things go wrong with a move. If you have the protection of these associations then it will be resolved with the least distress and disruption to you. Choosing a non-accredited company can result in lower standards and more problems than you were hoping for. Not only that but you may not be protected should any problems occur.

Here at Headington Carriers we are proud to be members of the BAR and offer all of the above services. If you have any questions then please get in touch. We would be happy to help and give you more information.